Mesa Women’s Basketball Hosts 3rd Annual Event

Mesa Women’s Basketball Hosts 3rd Annual Event

Mesa, AZ – Mesa women's basketball held their third annual alumni game on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019.  Returning to participate were 13 alumni as well as former MCC women's basketball coaches Pam Olerich
and Robin Schamber, who coached the alumni squad. 

Olerich currently resides in Indiana and was very excited to be part of this annual event for the first time.  Starters for the alumni were members of MCC's 2014 National Championship team: Peace Amukamara, Leslie Tademy, Kylie Herd, Erica Vasquez, and Didi Moloi. 

The TBirds started off on a 10-0 run to open the game, widening that lead to 22-7 early in the half.  Fighting back and keeping it close at halftime, the grit and competitiveness of the alumni kept the game exciting. 

Mesa's young team continued to persevere though, scoring quickly in transition and on second efforts to keep the lead. The competitive alumni squad turned up the pressure though, forcing several TBird turnovers, which they quickly converted to points. 

The alumni were paced by Peace Amukamara's 15 points on five key 3-pointers to keep the game within reach. After a valiant effort by both teams, victory was declared after 40 minutes and a score of 56-50 was posted, favoring MCCs young 2019-20 team.  
Alumni who participated are listed below:
Jackie Kennedy (1994-1996)
Mandy Webster (1996-1998)
Jessica Tsingine (2004-2006)
Rachel Dekonty (2005-2007)
Abbey Oxendale (2006-2008)
Lauren Hall (2006-2008)
Alannah Begay (2008-2010)
Leslie Tademy* (2012-2014)
Darla Woody* (2012-2014)
Peace Amukamara* (2012-14)
Kylie Herd* (2013-2015)
Didi Moloi* (2013-2015)
Erica Vasquez* (2013-2015)
* 2014 NJCAA National Champion

MCC women's basketball is grateful to all the fans who attended, including Dr. Kaye McDonald, former MCC women's basketball coach and hall of famer.  We also want to thank those who volunteered to help out, including Mark Webster who ran the game and shot clocks. Thank you also to the referees who came out to officiate, we are very grateful for your time and willingness. We will see you next year!

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