Women's Basketball First Alumni Game a Success

Women's Basketball First Alumni Game a Success

Mesa, AZ - On Saturday, October 28, 2017 MCC women's basketball hosted their inaugural alumni basketball game and final preseason scrimmage. 

With 18 alumni participating, who played for the TBirds between 2007 - 2017, it was an exciting reunion of players and grateful coaches.   Also coming out of retirement was former head women's coach Robin Schamber, who led the TBirds prior to Kori Stephenson taking over.  She coached the alumni team and seemed to settle into her role with ease, her energy and enthusiasm creating a light atmosphere in the gym to begin.   

There was an air of excitement and fun as the game started out fairly close with both teams going up and down, trying to find their rhythm. Although they both struggled to put points on the board they were having a great time battling back and forth. However, the alumni successfully controlled the glass during the first half, which ended with a 26-20 Mesa holding a slight scoring advantage. 

Coming out after halftime though, the Lady TBirds found their rhythm. They started to execute their offense better and scored a number of easy points in transition. Not to be deterred though, MCC's alumni mounted an impressive run of their own with some keen shooting. Down nearly 20 in the 4th quarter, national champion Madi Austin took over for her alumni teammates and lit up the net for several deep threes, pulling them to within 12.   

Mesa's Lynnae Mitchell however, was able to match two of those big threes and her teammates scored six easy transition points to negate what could have been a big alumni run.  The final score was 76-58 in Mesa's favor. 

Alumni who played:
Abbey (Ritz) Oxendale: 2007-2009
Jade Wilson: 2010-2012
Christina Buescher: 2009-2011
Leslie Tademy: 2012-2014
Madi Austin: 2012-2014
Didi Moloi: 2013-2015
Rachel Tozier: 2010-2012
Kourtni Thomas: 2010-2012
Nicole Tsosie: 2012-2013
Mary Natsyn: 2008-2010
Prayer Branham: 2008-2010
Sierra Aulik: 2011-2013
Peace Amukamara: 2012-2014
Alannah Begay: 2008-2010
Megan Gillespie: 2013-2015
Regina Dela Cruz: 2016-2017
Tori Lloyd: 2015-2017
Callina Hurley: 2008-2010

Alumni in attendance:
Alicia Anderson: 2006-2008
Kylie Herd: 2013-2015
Erica Vasquez: 2013-2015
Mariah Willadsen: 2012-2014

The women's basketball program wishes to thank all who came to play and acknowledges all those who came to watch and support, including current and former player's families and friends as well as supporters from MCC softball and men's basketball teams. 

Thank you also the referees who came to officiate and Mark Webster for operating the score and shot clocks.  We hope to see you all at next year's alumni game!

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