Sacha Modica Serves Great Talent from Across the Pond

Sacha Modica Serves Great Talent from Across the Pond

By Ernest Hester

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are both great players and excellent idols to pattern your game after.  But if you're a 19 year old tennis prodigy then Roger Federer is your guy. With good speed, and strong skill set, and wide court covering range, Sacha Modica is quickly showing Americans just how dominate he can be.  

Born January 29, 1997, Sacha grew up in the Carshalton area of London.  One morning at the tender age of two, Sacha's dad took him to the local tennis court to teach his son to play tennis.  

Modica's dad was a tennis coach, and usually spent more time coaching his players than Sacha.  

Everything would change from that day on.  

"Dad saw I had some talent and he promise to work with me daily to help me become a better player," said Modica.  

Hard work and motivation usually pays off and for Modica is was evident at the start of high school.  Sacha attended Cheam high School in London, but often would still travel across town to Bisham to train.  

While at Cheam High School, Modica was trained by Coach Simon Ainley.  As a freshman, Modica played in the Mallorca Open and reached the quarterfinals in both singles and doubles matches.  

That would only be the start of what would be a breakout summer for Sacha and his confidence.  

"Yes, that summer of 2011 gave me a lot confidence," said Modica, "I really started to feel that I could compete at a high level and win."  

Sacha dominated an U14 event and won finals all on a clay court in May of 2011. The same week Sacha won the Sutton Millennium Challenge.  Then in June of 2011 he played in Albuferia Tournament in Portugal and reached the semifinals in both the singles and doubles.  

On the same day Sacha would play in Portimao Tournament with another partner and finish runner up in singles play and finish as champion in doubles play.  A month later, a hot Sacha Modica was back at it, playing in the Bournemouth International Tournament and won the championship in both singles and doubles play.  

Sacha would end that amazing fresh campaign with the U14 County Cup Tournament.  In that tournament, all Modica did was go 5-0, without losing a set.  

"I was locked in that summer, I remember it all, that was good times" sacha said when ask about memories of that summer.  

By his senior year, Modica's name and game was growing in London.  

Sacha wanted to continue to get better so he sign up at the Riverside Club in Chiswick. That program is designed to support the best players in the country on their way to becoming Senior International Players.  

While there he was instantly offered to participate in the legendary esteem program at AEGON future stars. Before coming to the United States, Modica was ranked #1 in Great Britain for 19U players.  Modica has won over 125 championship matches in combined singles and doubles play.  

Modica has only been at MCC for a short time but has already left a lasting impact.  All Modica did in his first year of tennis at MCC was go 15-0 in regular season play and 5-0 in doubles competition.  

The streak of 15 straight wins to start a season is a new MCC tennis record.

Sacha is undecided on his current major, but is leaning toward psychology. 

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