Mesa shines again in NJCAA academic awards

Mesa shines again in NJCAA academic awards

  Charlotte, N.C. – Once again Mesa fared extremely well in the annual NJCAA listed of all-academic individuals and teams.

  A total of 34 student athletes and four complete teams were honored by the NJCAA for their academic success.

  That brings the total number of athletes recognized to 215 and teams to 45 since the program began in 2005-06.

  Even more impressive is that MCC has had 192 individuals and 42 teams honored in just the last seven years alone.

  For individuals the honor is split into three teams. First team is for 4.0 GPAs, second team for 3.80-3.99 and third team for 3.60-3.79. 

  Those individuals earning first team honors in 2018-19 are: Demetrio Botello, baseball;; Emilee Clark, track and field; Connor Denning, baseball; Jaden Encinas, softball; Jorge Sala Frigeri, men's tennis; Rachel Graff, Volleyball; Joshua Leslie, baseball; Rache; McCleve, cross country; Erin Peters, women's soccer; Nolan Ruff, baseball; Lucas Severo, men's tennis; Paul Steffensen, baseball; Greg Student, baseball; Madison Voisard, women's golf and Brittany Walkingstick, softball.

  The teams honored were: women's golf; men's tennis; volleyball and softball.

  The complete list of honorees:

Ariana Sanchez                                Softball                                         Third Team

Brendan Cobb                                  Golf                                               Third Team

Brittany Walkingstick                       Softball                                         First Team

Cody Tucker                                      Baseball                                       Third Team

Connor Denning                              Baseball                                       First Team

Demetrio Botello                              Baseball                                       First Team

Emilee Clark                                     Indoor Track & Field                  First Team

Erik Dallmann                                  Men's Tennis                              Second Team

Erin Peters                                        Soccer                                          First Team

Garrett LaBreche                             Baseball                                       Third Team

Greg Student                                    Baseball                                       First Team

Hannah Brown                                 Golf                                               Third Team

Jaden Encinas                                  Softball                                         First Team

Jessica Reynolds                             Cross Country,

                                                            Outdoor Track & Field,

                                                            Indoor Track & Field                  Third Team

Jodi Taylor                                         Softball                                         Second Team

Jorge Sala Frigeri                            Tennis                                          First Team

Joshua Leslie                                   Baseball                                       First Team

Kaitlyn Schoenwetter                      Volleyball                                     Third Team

Kendall Coleman                             Volleyball                                     Second Team

Lucas Severo                                    Tennis                                          First Team

Luke Barnes                                      Football                                        Second Team

Madison Voisard                              Golf                                               First Team

Mallory Gornall                                 Soccer                                          Second Team

Margaret Orr                                      Cross Country                             Third Team

Marisa Vallejo                                   Softball                                         Second Team

Michael Johnson                              Cross Country,

                                                            Outdoor Track & Field,

                                                            Indoor Track & Field                  Third Team

Nathan Belt                                       Football                                        Third Team

Nolan Ruff                                         Baseball                                       First Team

Paul Steffensen                               Baseball                                       First Team

Rachel Graff                                     Volleyball                                     First Team

Rachel McCleve                               Cross Country                             First Team

Sara Hansen                                    Volleyball                                     Second Team

Thomas Lofron                                 Indoor Track & Field,

                                                            Outdoor Track & Field               Third Team

Tristan Stellmach                             Outdoor Track & Field,

                                                            Indoor Track & Field,

                                                          Cross Country                              Second Team


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